Aug. 26th, 2014

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Walked into the parts shop this morning seven minutes after it opened.
The guy who sold me the pump yesterday was just getting to the counter. "You're back!" he said, a ready-to-be-sympathetic smile on his face.
I answer with a half-grin of my own and, "Yep. The good news is, my washer now has a good strong pump! The bad news is, that wasn't what needed fixed."
"What can I get you today?"
"One o' these, please," and I hand him the paper with part and number written on.
"Aaaah. Not agitating?"
"And making a godsaweful noise about it, yeah."
He ducks into the back for a second and returns with a small plastic bag containing three smaller plastic-and-metal bits. Hello, motor coupler. "Let's see if this does it for you, then."
I watch the register's display as he rings up the part. Six dollars and change, plus tax. "Um..."
"Yeah, it usually goes for twenty, but you were just in yesterday. So."
I blink at him. "Thank you. You don't have to do that."
He hits the Total key and now the machine's waiting for me. "Still."
I shuffle for my card. "Thank you."
"You have a good day, ma'am. Good luck."
"You take care, yourself."

So yeah! Please allow me to advertise for my parts store! I can't promise every location will be staffed as kindly as Huntsville's, but the selection of goods is pretty solid.

And on the off chance you could use some How To Fix A Washer help (or just enjoy repair videos), here's the part of Angel Acevedo's site that we've been haunting for the past two days.


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