Jul. 25th, 2016

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Via [livejournal.com profile] belenen, from [livejournal.com profile] kehlen_crow:
Drop a comment and I will give you three colours. You will then look around from where you're writing the reply, and name three items you see in each of those colours.

When I asked to play along, James gave me white, orange, and violet. (and then I squee'd because I don't tend to have a lot of orange around but LO! today I've indulged in a mango craving! So!)

White: Bills waiting to be paid, half the stripes on an afghan my kid's great-grandma crocheted for him when he was tiny (forward-thinking woman she is, she made it sofa-sized. <3 ), and the as-yet-unstained microwave. :D

Orange: Some of the information on Dae's school calendar, most of this bottle of Synergy "Mystic Mango" kombucha, and my coil of 22g copper wire.

Violet: My steel waterbottle, a drink koosh Dae decorated for Mothers' Day in preschool (it's a bright violet, strewn with blue and yellow foam cutouts of hearts and flowers, and scrawly squeaker-writing in blue marker, "Ma you're the best". I'm guessing part of the reason it's scrawly is because there was a teacher's hand cupped round Dae's at the time of writing, because...again...preschool. <3 ) that's currently full of pencils & pens, and (for twilight-blueish values of violet) my shirt. I don't know who's responsible for rayon knit fabric being in fashion, but OH I'm happy. So soft. So drapey. :D

So that's me. Want to play?


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