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Reason #1 that it's been a decent day: The rain in the forecast (20% chance) turned up before 11:00 and was done by 11:30, replaced by omfgALL THE SUN. It was kindof, "hey guys, makin' the rounds. here's sommat to keep the dust down. bye!" and done.

Reason #2: Even though it only took one cider and one ounce of JD Honey to give me a "mama puma carries me round by the scruff" hangover, said hangover yielded readily to B vitamins and breakfast. Yay!

Reason #3: Went out to the super-shady-and-constantly-squishywet back corner of the lawn today to ask Mr. Tree a) whether he would tell me what sort of tree he is, or loan me a leaf so I can look him up, and b) whether he'd mind if I planted something at his feet if I could find something that liked the environment down there. And Mr. Tree answered, "here; start with elms; and nnnnnmmm I don't know." and gave me a leaf.

So the leaf and I went inside and I looked up slender elm leaves. And lo! There he is! "[O]ccurs primarily along streams and in moist soils on floodplains"? Yep, that's my yard's back corner...
And oh, hey: "Sugarberry's leaf litter contains allelopathic chemicals which inhibit seed germination and growth in many other plant species." Well, that would explain your reluctance, sir; now I see. So that's a conversation I'll have to get back to. If I could find a way to separate his soil from their soil a little, or mulch them so they don't get the full brunt of his leaves, would that be claustrophobic for him or comfortable? Or, what plants don't mind his leaflitter? I don't know any of that, so I won't bother him yet. I figure if he's not on board, any planting I try to do near him's going to be like marching on Russia in the winter.
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