Nov. 13th, 2014


Nov. 13th, 2014 10:53 am
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Spent all day yesterday painting Dae's bathroom. It's now (except for a 24"x4" swath up along the ceiling) the same pale brilliant blue as the sky on a sunny day, right near the horizon. It's now a plantlight away from being my favourite room in the house. I want to bask in it like a lizard. First, though, comes painting that last strip of edge.

Am fresh home from the monthly shearing. I like having someone I can trust to know, ask, and listen when it comes to my hair. Granted, this month she sheared me a little closer than I love best (I'm at about a quarter-inch everywhere but my fringe; a half-inch gives me visible hair without being long enough to mess up) but it'll work out beautifully: this way, I won't be climbing the walls needing to be shorn again till January, and I'll have the right amount of skullfluff over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tomorrow, I mean to be-purple my fringe again while there's still blonde streaks near the ends. (Their orangey-gold itches me when I look in the mirror, but I've not yet met a brown dye that looks at all like what I grow, and all dye crocks, so if I'm going to be watching haircolour swirl down a drain, I want it to be purple.)

Pictures of All The Colours tomorrow, maybe, if I can convince my camera to co-operate.

~quiet cycle of breath: in...hold...out....~ Yeah. Yeah. It's a decent week so far. Shaping up well, anyway.


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