Sep. 13th, 2013 02:40 pm
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I didn't put it together till Mark texted me this morning:
"Happy Friday the 13th!"

1) Yay, personal holiday!  :D A host of other folk can talk about how you're bad luck, Friday the 13th, but *I'll* love you.  We make our own luck, and every time you turn up, I'mm'a use it as a reminder to make something good.
2) Yay, first-date marker!  It was a Friday the 13th, then, too.  For grins, I did the math: 100 months.  <3  Neither of us is quite who we were then, but so far we still fit well.  Happy day.

So I took my more-clear-than-they-were-yesterday sinuses and my we-haven't-worked-till-we-ache-in-a-week muscles out into the perfect autumn midmorning, and shoveled sod off the place we'll be building the deck.  Mark showed me how last weekend and got a start made on it.  I got the space about half-done and its edges started.  There's now a nick in the insteps of both my boots from kicking the shovel blade into dirt, but that's alright: they're five years old and their soles are smooth as an infant's arse and they cost $20 to replace; when it's time, it's time.

The point is, my arms and legs and obliques are happy with me, we're a little closer to making the place look like WE live here, and did I mention the perfect autumn day?  Just a little wind, robin's-egg blue sky, and 81F.  Gorgeous.

Happy Friday the 13th.
Life's not all sunshine and roses everywhere, but it's brighter than it has been, brighter than it could be, bright enough and I can feel the satisfaction in it.
I.  Will. Take.  It.


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